Home Modification Loans

Home modifications financed by ATLFA can be any specialized equipment that is directly related to the individual’s disability. No financing will be provided for major home modifications, additions or renovations. The financing is for “assistive technology” only, and not any construction costs related to the equipment to be installed.

Qualifying borrower must be a resident of Virginia with a disability or a family member of someone who has a self identified limitation to a major life function. A borrower must demonstrate creditworthiness and repayment abilities to the satisfaction of ATLFA.

Fill out an ATLFA Direct Loan Application ( PDF or  Excel) and an ATLFA Personal Information Application (PDF or Word).

Send* both forms directly to the Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority.  The Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority loan committee will review your application at its monthly meeting.

*Please do not submit your loan applications to the Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority via email because the applications are not encrypted and there is a risk for personal information to be obtained by others.